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Brent Stirton es crudo, retrata el maltrato animal y la guerra en África. Incluso Instagram ya le puso filtro a sus fotos. Esta es la historia.

Gorilacapturado 1 OK                                                                                   Foto: Brent Stirton

Una foto aterradora le valió a Brent Stirton el galardón a la mejor fotografía de naturaleza del año, reconocida por el Museo de Historia Natural de Londres, uno de los más importantes del mundo.

La foto es de un rinoceronte negro, sin vida, víctimas de los traficantes que le dejaron un inmenso hoyo en su cara al haberle quitado el cuerno. La pieza se titulo “imagen a una especie” y fue tomada en el parque Hluhluwe–Imfoloz, una reserva natural ubicada en Sudáfrica.

Sin embargo la foto llamó tanto la atención del público que poco se ha hablado de la trayectoria de Stirton. Es un fotógrafo apasionado que ha capturado las realidades más crudas de África. La guerra, la caza, el contrabando, la pobreza, las enfermedades y las costumbres raizales de muchas comunidades que en occidente parecen increíbles.

Las fotos son tan crudas que incluso Instagram le ha puesto filtro a varias, advirtiendo su material sensible. Aquí presentamos algunas:

#EFFZuma1 - An E.F.F supporter with a fake gun prowls the outside of the heavily guarded Union Buildings in #Pretoria, South Africa’s official seat of government. This #protester is one of hundreds of thousands of people who protested against President Jacob #Zuma this week. Zuma is increasingly an autocrat mired in mass allegations of corruptions leveled against him, the complicit super-wealthy Gupta family and his ANC inner circle. It is likely that violence will be inevitable in South Africa if the opposition is to unseat Zuma and his far reaching influence within the South African government. #photojournalist #jacobzuma #presidentzuma #eff #pretoria #unionbuildings #government #politicalprotest #protest #SouthAfrica

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Today is #WorldPressFreedomDay, an issue more important than ever for all of us. I’d like to shine a small light on Rodrigue #Katembo, the former Central Section #Warden in #Virunga National Park in the #DemocraticRepublicofCongo. Rodrique is a former #childsoldier who grew up to become a deeply respected warden in the most dangerous section of Virunga. In this image Rodrigue was tracking heavily #armed #rebel #soldiers who had just killed an elephant for #ivory they were trading with the #Congolesearmy. Rodrigue was forced to leave his job in Virunga and go into hiding after he performed vital undercover filming for the documentary “Virunga.” He exposed corrupt Congolese #Military and Military Intelligence officials who repeatedly tried to bribe him to undermine the park’s chief warden in his fight against corrupt oil companies trying to exploit this unique national park. Rodrigue was jailed and tortured and had to flee to Kenya. He lost his job in Virunga where it was deemed too #dangerous for him to work. He is back in #conservation today in another park in the #DRC. The point is, he risked everything to provide vital footage to make a great #documentary which was seen by millions, nominated for an #Oscar and created sufficient public pressure to cause the oil lobby to back off. Rodrigue recently won the #GoldmanEnvironmentalPrize, I can think of no one who deserves this more. . . . #rodriguekatembo #oscarnominated #congolesemilitary #chondo #river #chondoriver #virunganationalpark #virungamovie #photojournalist #nationalgeographic @natgeo #natgeo #corruptoilcompanies

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In South Africa, #farmers are three times more likely to be killed than policeman. Over 5000 farmers have been #killed in over 24,000 farm attacks since 1994, according to Agri-Forum. Dean Botha, 13, is the only #son in a family that has endured 4 farm attacks. Deon has seen his grandparents badly beaten in the first attack and bludgeoned to death in the second. Dean’s mother was raped in the third attack and, most recently, he was forced to flee into the bush at night when 5 men trapped his mother inside the farmhouse. Dean fled barefoot to seek help on the closest farm 8 miles away. Dean is very angry as a result of these attacks and he is obsessive about #protection. He goes to boarding school now but calls his mother every night to check on her safety. . . . . #southafrica #farmerattacks #farmattacks #archery #witness #victim #verbatimphoto @verbatimphoto #canon #canonambassador #itscomplex #humaninterest #photojournalism #boy

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A #lonely #death far from the herd, this is one of hundreds of thousands of African #elephants that have died for their #ivory. I had the privilege of speaking to an international group of conservation agents at National Geographic last night. After seeing many scenes like this one in the natural world, it was re-energizing to look out over a room of people committed to ending this senseless tragedy. I wish all of them strength and courage in protecting #wildlife for a more enlightened time. . . . . . . #africanelephant #lonelydeath #elephantpoaching #exctinction #deadelephant #killedelephant #nationalgeographic #conservation #photojournalism #everydayafrica #everydayeverywhere #protectingwildlife @verbatimphoto #verbatimphoto #canonambassador @canon.photographers

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